Essential Oils Workshop

Learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively.

Next Workshop date will be scheduled in September.

Only $15.00



Essential oils are becoming more and more popular, but do you know why?  Do you know how to use them properly, safely and effectively?  In my Essential Oils Workshop, I’ll talk about what makes essential oils a safer, healthier option for personal care products, home cleaning products, and even how you can use essential oils in supporting your health.

I will discuss the dangers inherent to essential oils becoming so popular and why you need to be very cautious in what you are buying.  Essential oils can be very powerful.  They can also be harmful or completely useless.  I will provide you with the steps to take before purchasing and using these amazing products of nature.

Essential oils are a great add-in when you are trying to eliminate toxic, chemical-laden products from your house, your beauty regimen, even your first aid kit.  Let me show you how to use them to your advantage.

Classes are small and you will be provided with a product you can make and take home.


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