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Congratulations for taking charge of your health!! I’ve been using direct to consumer lab work to track my own progress for several years now. I am so excited to be able to introduce you to this life-changing experience. Health coaching and bringing information and valuable health services to others is my passion. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have about your own state of health, the more you have to be an active participant or take charge of your path to wellness. And this right is yours. If there is information you would like to have about your health that you have been unable to obtain, direct lab testing gives you a way to obtain this information. Click through below to go to my testing page. All testing is done at Quest labs and through a medical team that screens your results should you need assistance understanding the results.



If you want to take your experience to the next level, there is DNA-based, whole-food Utrition.  Built around your specific DNA, Utrition is the answer to customized nutritional supplementation.  Utrition testing focuses in on the SNPs in our DNA that make us different and predispose us to the many chronic diseases we are suffering from in vast numbers.  Click below to read more about Utrition.