Build your own Wellness Tribe!!

A wellness package that’s within your reach.

Create a group and share the cost of personal coaching by building your own tribe.

Think about it.  You want to have the benefits of the 6-month program, but maybe you can’t afford to go it alone.  Or maybe you want the additional support and accountability that comes with a team of like-minded individuals.  People you can count on in between sessions to be your dining buddy without questioning your choices.  People you can share ideas, recipes and successes with at any hour of the day or night.  I’ll first remind you that by increasing your health, the program pays for itself in the long run, several times over.  But I understand if you just can’t do it.  I really want you to achieve your goals, so I created this option; and here’s what it looks like.

Personal coaching is more about support and accountability than anything else.  We’ve all set out to accomplish goals in our lives.  Any goals, not just weight loss.  What is the most common cause for falling short?  Sure, maybe we lack some confidence in our ability to get there.  Or maybe life gets in the way and pulls us off course.  What I have found is that many times, we simply lack a strong support system or network to hold us accountable and be there for us when we need that extra push or someone to hear us out.  Someone who will remind us why we set those goals in the first place.  Someone to remind us that we are fully capable of reaching those goals.  Someone who will tap us on the shoulder and remind us what is important to us, and hold our feet to the fire.

That’s what private coaching does.  But there is another way.  What if you could build in a support system that outlasts the coaching program?  What if you could create your own wellness tribe that stays with you as long as you need it?  How great would it be if the people in your life had similar goals and lived a common lifestyle?  That’s what a tribe is, after all.  A group of common-minded people.

Creating your own group coaching program does just that.  It creates a support system of like-minded people.  Do you have two friends or family members you would like to bring along on your journey?  By doing so, you cut the cost of the program by each person paying the equivalent of half the price of 1:1 coaching.

Instead of 12, 50-minute calls; we have 12, 90-minute calls.  All other components of the 6-month program remain the same.

The cost for group coaching is $600 per participant.  If you would like to build your own tribe, click here to contact me for more information, including payment plan options.