Whole Health Goal is founded on the principal concept that wellness is ultimately in the hands of the individual. By having the knowledge and tools necessary to make life-long changes, the ability to achieve increased health outcomes is within everyone’s reach.

Increased health and wellness outcomes do not only create positive outcomes for the individual. As an employer, you reap the benefits too. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, workplace wellness programs provide a return on investment in the following ways:

  • Healthy, active employees incur lower health costs;
  • Employees who take advantage of wellness are more productive;
  • Physically active employees are healthier;
  • Wellness programs inspire important behavior changes;
  • SBO’s may be able to take advantage of tax incentives for workplace wellness programs.

Increased physical activity has been linked to increased cognitive benefits like memory and focus, as well as increased productivity. Healthier employees are more likely to pass these behaviors on to family members who also experience less down-time due to illness; further reducing employee absenteeism.

Employees who succeed in overcoming wellness-related issues tend to experience greater satisfaction in life overall, making them more confident and successful in other areas such as work and career.

How it Works

The Well Business Program platform is a mix of at-work and at-home activities geared at having employees invested in their outcome throughout the day and not only when they can “find time” to take steps toward increasing their health.

Monthly lunch and learn sessions bring employees together as a group to cover topics aimed at educating employees on behavioral changes as well as allowing time to interact with the health coach.

Materials are provided to support employees throughout the month, after the lunch and learn. These include goal-setting and action items to practice and instill the material presented and topics covered.

Individual tracking of employee progress by health coach to ensure employees are adequately supported in the program.

Meetings with Management and Human Resources to assist in providing ways to create an environment that will encourage employees in adopting positive behavioral changes.

Why Whole Health Goal

Jackie Clisham has been working in the corporate world for nearly three decades. The last decade has been spent in the area of human resources. She is keenly aware of the impacts of employee health issues. Most of these impacts are due to chronic disease or illness that can be reversed or managed through lifestyle changes.

Obtaining her certification in health coaching has provided a knowledge-base and skill set complementary to her already extensive experience working with employees. In this regard she has transformed work sites into healthier workplaces, improving morale, production and employee satisfaction.

The Corporate Wellness Program approach is a grass-roots type of program, providing the information employees are looking for to increase their chances of success.  It is frustrating to both employee and employer when health is poor.  No one wants to be home sick when they have other options.  The program provides these options by way of gradual, manageable changes over time.  Although the program provides this room for growth, the results can be seen immediately through simple changes initiated early on.

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