Yoga for Menopause

I have been really busy lately but I have remained true to my yoga practice above all else. I admit it has not been daily lately, but I notice the difference when I skip a few days. One thing I have added is an inversion table and it has helped immensely. Between my table, yoga, chiropractic care and acupuncture, I have been able to manage my stress levels and remain healthy through all of the changes I’ve experienced after buying two restaurants. I walk everywhere since I hardly ever leave town and I’m on my feet most of the day. My biggest struggle is diet now. I lost my old structure to the day and I’m working to re-establish a new pattern.

I came across an article while pulling some supplement information for one of my employees and I thought I would take the opportunity to share it with you. Before I do, I want to stress the importance of having your vitamin levels checked regularly. I have struggled with vitamin D levels most of my adult life. I already knew that most people, women especially, have dangerously low levels of vitamin D. I’ve struggled for years to get my levels up before finding the right brand, the right way to take it and how to maintain it. My levels are not perfect, but they are the highest they’ve ever been and still climbing; even in the sunless winters of the U.S. Midwest and being indoors all summer long. Here are links to previous posts on supplements, here and here. And here is a link to obtain lab testing orders at a high-quality, nationally renowned lab.

Life gets crazy but we need to stay on top of our health in order to get through the chaos in a healthy manner. For those of you looking to weather menopause more naturally, here is a link to the article.

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