Can You Smell It? It’s Here!!

It’s that time of year again. You can smell it in the air everywhere you go.  It makes your mouth water and you start to dream about the cakes, pies, cookies and coffees that are filled with those lucious and healthy spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg and clove.  Or maybe hazelnut is your thing.  Either way, these spices which are very health promoting get turned into health bombs when all of the sugar is added.

Last year I wrote about this, and I’ll probably send you a refresher every year to keep you on your toes.  Here’s the link to the previous article.  I’ve also done some homework for you and curated a list of links to recipes you can make yourself to reduce the temptation to grab something on the go.  Something you have no idea what is inside.

This is a big topic for me because I was a pumpkin spice latte junkie; especially during law school.  It was my go-to from the time it came out until the last bottle of the liquid flavoring was retired for the season.  After graduation I spent half my time studying for the bar exam and two hours every day at the gym to beat off the weight gain from living large on the PSL’s and pumpkin bread.

Treats like these are just that; treats.  When we make them part of our regular diet disaster ensues.  We’ve talked about the effects of added, excessive sugar and the link to pre-diabetes, diabetes and even cancer.  If you missed it, the links to those articles are here, here and here.

But now for the part you’ve been waiting for.  I have not tested all of these, so by all means leave a comment for others (as well as me) if you try them:

This one has lot of ads, so be patient for it to load.

This one has a lot of ads too, but loads faster.  And skip the microwave please.  Use your patience by heating it on the stove.

This one is for keto fans who are not afraid of the fat and whose diet is built to handle more fat.  Yes, it’s from the Bulletproof blog.

This one uses espresso shots.

This is pumpkin bread (it calls for erythritol) but includes a link to alternative sweeteners and how to substitute, including stevia and monk fruit, chicory root powder (good prebiotic), coconut sugar, honey and maple syrup.

One more pumpkin bread, rated keto-friendly.

And if you really need to go decadent, here’s a pumpkin cheesecake recipe.

You can always take the chia pudding recipe or hummus and turn them into a pumpkin.  I’ll play with these and get back to you.  I have an entire pumpkin patch in my garden that needs to be put to use!!

Look, I love my fall and holiday flavors more than anything else; except chocolate.  The key is to finding healthier ways to enjoy them.  That means making them fresh, without all the sugar, and remembering that they’re treats; unless you are simply putting pumpkin spices in your coffee or chicory with a splash of your favorite “milk.”  Let us know if you have a favorite fall combination to share.  And remember, spices are good for us.  You can go back and read more about the benefits of spices here.

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  1. Great post! I want to try these recipes. They’re easy yet delicious!

  2. Nice post! I so enjoyed reading this. Keep it up and looking forward on your future posts!

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