Put Your Mask on Before Assisting Another

I didn’t plan it this way, but today started a great Mother’s Day weekend.  It is a wellness weekend where I have been engaging in some awesome self-care activities. I thought I would take the opportunity to talk (again) about the importance of taking care of yourself; not only for yourself, but for those you love.

I started the day with an hour-long visit with my new functional medicine doctor.  I have never been so excited to go to a doctor’s appointment in my life.  Since we speak the same language we have to talk fast.  We have so much to talk about and so little time.  I know what you’re thinking.  A doctor who spends an entire hour with me and that’s not enough time.  Most people are lucky to get 20 minutes with their actual physician.  But when your doctor is fully engaged with you, trust me, an hour flies by.

Next stop was the chiropractor for an adjustment.  Apparently I needed one because she said I was walking kind of crooked when I came in.  I see my chiropractor every other Saturday morning like clock work.  My next visit will be interesting as she has recently been certified in acupuncture.  I will have my first acupuncture experience in two weeks.  I can’t wait!!!  I should probably do a post for you on the benefits of chiropractic and acupuncture.  Chiropractic care has done wonders for me on so many levels over the years.  Between chiropractic and diet changes I have completely obliterated seasonal allergies and annual sinus infections.  This is very good, as we know the negative effects antibiotics have on our gut health.

My last self-care stop of the day was to one of my two massage therapists.  In addition to daily rebounding, yoga and walking, I use massage therapy 2-4 times a month as a means of assisting with lymphatic drainage.  It doesn’t hurt that it does wonders to undo a lot of the issues created by sitting in front of a computer all day.  That and the chiropractic care.  In all the years I’ve been getting massages, I have never fallen asleep.  I had people tell me they fall asleep during massages because they’re so relaxed.  I couldn’t imagine falling asleep when someone is kneading away at my tight hamstring or calf muscle.  How could you?  Today, all of the hard work was in my arms and shoulders.  My legs were much better than last time.  So much so, I believe I fell asleep.  At one point I remember thinking, where am I?  And then I heard the gentle, relaxing music and realized where I was.  Double bonus on that one today.  I got some knots out and relaxed all in 50 minutes.

I am still feeling completely energized at 8 PM thanks to my doctor doing some energy work on my meridians.  I walked in feeling energetically neutral and walked out feeling like I just drank a cup of coffee at 2 PM.  I don’t drink coffee very often, so I knew it wasn’t a caffeine buzz.  (I had my chicory with cinnamon on the way there.)

Tomorrow I will spend the day honoring two very important mom’s in my life: my mother-in-law and my daughter.  We will be doing some yard work while my daughter is at work, including planting her herb garden.  Then we will be preparing a dinner of wild-caught salmon, asparagus and strawberries dipped in a cacao/cacao butter/coconut oil concoction I will invent on the fly.  If it’s good, I’ll post it for you.

Back to why this all matters.  Life is stressful.  We work hard and oftentimes do not take time out to take care of ourselves.  When we don’t take the proper care of ourselves we get sick, depressed and/or anxious.  Our daily lives are replete with toxins and stress.  There are many things we can do to alleviate this stress and bring our bodies and hormones into balance.  We also tend to sit too much, which compromises circulation, lymphatic flow, posture, digestion and our overall health.  I have spent a lot of time searching out health practitioners who align with my belief system regarding health and wellness.  Although they are growing in number, they tend to be clustered in certain areas of the country.  Not so much in mine, so they’re harder to find.  I learned about my new doctor’s office from a fellow/local health coach.  I found my chiropractor by doing deep dive internet research, based on the topics they discussed and their goals/mission.  From here I am building a full team of like-minded professionals who take the time to listen and engage in my individual wellness program.

I urge you to do the same.  Take the time to engage in wellness activities that facilitate your health.  Make sure the people you trust your health to have your best interests at heart.  It’s like they say during take-off:  in the incident of cabin depressurisation, the oxygen masks will drop down.  You are told to put your mask on before assisting anyone else.  Why?  Because if you pass out, you can’t help anyone.  The same applies to your health.  Many of us, especially moms, tend to take care of everyone else’s needs first.  When we constantly put our own needs last, we get sick or worse, and then we’re of no use to anyone.

It is not selfish to take care of yourself.  It is an act of self-love and it ensures you will be able to do what you need or want to do for those you love.  When mom is happy, everyone is happy.  When mom is healthy, everyone is happy and healthy.  When mom is run-down, mom is unhealthy and everyone suffers.  So please realize your worth and value and do something every day (not just Mother’s Day) to ensure your health is everything is should be, could be and needs to be.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and be well.

Yours in Wellness,


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