Exercise your Right to be Happy and Healthy

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Healthy Happiness. What will you celebrate today?

Today is a day of gratitude.  I don’t know how many people see the 4th of July as a day of gratitude.  Here in the U.S. we celebrate this day of independence.  The day we became a free nation.  Free to pass our own laws, free to practice any religion or no religion.  It took a couple centuries but we have many more freedoms now.  We are free to marry whomever we want, regardless of race or gender.  And we are a lot closer to practicing what was put into words so long ago, that all men (women included) are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

When we celebrate the men and women who have fought for all of us, we think of liberty.  They help to keep us free and safe to enjoy our other rights, more than 200 years later.  Today I started thinking about life and the pursuit of happiness.  According to the Declaration of Independence we have the right to live and be happy.  It just seems like we forgot how to do that.  Life is very different than it was in 1776.  It’s definitely more complex.  Our stressors have multiplied.  Our industrialized world is contaminated.  We no longer grow our own food, make our consumables, or barter for things made in our local community.

There are pros and cons to this more complex life.  We’ve lost the simplicity of living and just enjoying life for what it is; a precious gift.  We’ve lost sight of our need to care for ourselves and the planet; the ecosystem that works in harmony, completely self-supportive.

Today I was picking up dirty towels to wash.  I grabbed up what was in my bathroom and headed over to one of the extra bedrooms.  Some days I call it the yoga room, other days I call it the sauna or spa room.  Today, I stopped while I was in there and experienced a moment of profound gratitude.  I decided that room is really my healing room.  I don’t know that I’d walk around referring to it as that in general conversation, but that is what it is.  I took note of the fact that I am blessed to have such a room.  A room that exists solely for tending to the healing process.  It is a simple room.  It has a chest, a bench and a corner sauna.  I start every single day of the week in my healing room.  Yoga every day and sauna on the days I don’t have to travel to the city for work.  The room is stripped down to only what is necessary.  It is peaceful and relaxing.

I was overwhelmed by gratitude and decided I have a perfect life.  Now, I don’t mean I have no complaints or I live in eternal bliss.  I still have goals I want to achieve and work to do, problems to solve and stress to combat.  What I mean is this; if I did not reach those goals, or finish the work, I am happy with what I have right now.  Not from a materialistic standpoint, but rather from a holistic standpoint.  I have the ability to create a happy, healthy life.  I also have the ability to not have a happy, healthy life.  The beauty is, I have the freedom to make those choices.

Today I will enjoy my Independence Day.  I will remember, with resolve, that I have the freedom to make my own choices around my health and happiness.  I can see the glass half full or half empty.  I can smile instead of frown.  I can listen and be aware of the wonders around me, and be grateful that I have the choice to do so.  I can take stock of the many forms of wealth that are around me, including people.  I will remember that it is all so fleeting and simply enjoy the day.

Happy 4th of July.  Declare your right to be happy and healthy.

Yours in Wellness,


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