Life Doesn’t Wait for Us to Act

Wellness is more than diet and exercise. What can you do to move your health forward?

May was a very bittersweet month.  Along with the good comes the not so good.  As is typically the case in life.  We moved into a beautiful new home with room to breathe.  It’s been chaos, but fun too.  The not so good?

We had a cancer death and a cancer diagnosis in the family this month.  It really brings perspective back on why we made this move in the first place.  I really wanted more space to work on Whole Health Goal.  We wanted a more peaceful and serene environment.  We wanted room to have more family and friends over to share our happiness.  We felt like the longer it took to get here the more we would lose along the way.  It’s not that we weren’t happy with what we had.  We were.  But we wanted to expand our abundance to share it with others.  We wanted a space our loved ones could come to and feel peaceful, at ease and enjoy a day.  We’ve been working tirelessly to get moved in, unpacked and set up.  I’m happy to report we are almost there. A few last boxes and we can do a good cleaning.  Painting will happen eventually.

So will everything else; but it won’t keep us from enjoying our new place now.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because it’s worth repeating:  what are you waiting for?  What is it that you say to yourself about your future happiness that is keeping you from living in the present and enjoying life to the fullest right now?  What keeps you from being happy now?

A big part of coaching my clients is focused on areas not related at all to food or exercise.  Changes in lifestyle are about much more than just the physical aspects of health.

I challenge you today to take one step every day or every week towards being happy now.  They can be little steps or big steps.  A lot of little steps can be very rewarding, as each one is its own victory to celebrate.  You will find that working on other aspects of your life will make your efforts at wellness much more successful and rewarding.

Where will you start?  Leave a comment and commit to at least one action today.

Yours in Wellness,


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