What Healthcare Reform Means for You

The uncertainty of health insurance in the U.S. has many in fear of losing coverage. This fear isn’t just for the unemployed or under employed. Every day Americans’ insurance is now threatened. What can you do to better position yourself?

I missed a week last week on my blog post, but our esteemed lawmakers have provided me the opportunity to make up for it today.  Unfortunately.

Rolling Back Progress

It looks like health insurance could be moving backwards to a point in time when insurance was unaffordable or unavailable for people with pre-existing conditions. I try to stay “unpolitical” here, but the last four months have seen a rollback of many laws and regulations that were designed to move our health and the health of planet in a positive direction. Ones that focused on supporting renewable energy with little or no carbon footprint.  Ones that started to ban toxic, carcinogenic chemicals in our products and our food system.  Ones that supported the growth of organics and small, family farms.

Instead, we are now looking at more pollution of our air, water and food supply. This means more pollution of us and a return to declining overall health. Which means higher rates of cancer and other diseases and more $$ going into harmful pharmaceutical drugs with side effects as dangerous or more so than the condition they are meant to treat.  Not cure, but treat.

The Options

As with anything, we can look at this with fear or turn it into an opportunity.  For many, it can mean bankruptcy or even a death sentence if they can’t afford skyrocketing insurance rates.  The opportunity comes in two forms: 1) being vocal about returning to the dark ages, through your votes and by supporting organizations that take our lawmakers to task, and 2) taking better care of ourselves to reduce our risks of becoming ill in the first place, or reduce our risks of succumbing to what might otherwise be the inevitable progression of the pre-existing condition/illness.

It’s Not Just About the $$$

There will doubtless be a lot of debate around the issue of pre-existing conditions and the new insurance laws in the coming days/weeks/months, even years.  Where does this leave us?  No matter what happens, one thing is certain:  your best bet is to improve your health.  Not only will you stay one step ahead of whatever happens regarding insurance, you will increase your quality of life.  Increasing your quality of life will benefit you in more ways than just your wallet.  Think of all the things you can do if you have less pain, no or fewer allergies, less fatigue, no brain fog, more energy and just an overall more positive sense of well-being.  Would you be more productive?  Would you be able to keep up with your kids, or grandkids? Would you get out more and do things?  Would you travel?

What You CAN Do

You can start today by making your health, and the health of your family, a priority.  If you’re not sure where to start, start here.  Heck, you’re already here, so why not jump in and take charge now?  I started doing this work because I got tired of seeing everyone around me feeling like crap all the time, suffering from chronic diseases, and yes even dying.  Dying from diseases that could be prevented.  So take the first step, or next step, and join me and others on a journey to health and wellness.  Start by downloading my junk food cleanse sheet. By doing so, you will join the wellness tribe and leave behind the disease pack. You will set yourself up to receive notification of programs and offers designed to help you regain your health and avoid disease and illness.  You can use the the junk food cleanse sheet to get you started, and then join the free 7-Day Kickstart Challenge geared towards adopting healthy habits.  Where you choose to go after that is up to you, but know that I will be here to move you forward after that or whenever you decide.

You can do this!!!  Just put one foot in front of the other and commit to you.

Yours in Wellness,


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